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“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

― Alan Lakein

Konrad Prus, JD MS

“From a young age, I aspired to become a financial planner. My name, which means “brave advisor” in Old German, seemed to predict my future career path. At just five years old, I began saving every spare coin and dollar I came across in a “Treasure Trove” – a Cuban cigar box gifted by my father.

One morning, my father, a respected anesthesiologist, asked me for a twenty-dollar bill from my Treasure Trove. The simple act of helping my father filled me with immense pride. The following day, he returned the twenty dollars along with an additional ten, explaining it as “interest.” This moment ignited my passion for finance and led me to pursue a career in the field.

Determined to become an expert in financial planning, I studied tirelessly, sought guidance from my father’s advisor, and continued saving. Over time, I developed a proprietary holistic method to help clients achieve their financial goals. I built a successful financial planning firm from the ground up, driven by a desire to serve my clients with the same dedication and care that I showed my father years ago.

Today, I am deeply grateful for the lifelong calling that my father’s early lesson instilled in me. I am committed to providing trustworthy, likable, and personalized financial planning services, ensuring that each client feels supported and understood on their journey to financial success.

I invite you to embark on this journey with me. Let’s work together to create a tailored financial plan that will bring your dreams to life and secure your financial future. Reach out for a complimentary consultation, and let’s begin building a prosperous and lasting partnership.”

Professional Background:

Konrad Prus, the founder of Financial Planning, LLC, has dedicated over a decade and a half to providing exceptional financial and estate planning services. Inspired by his own experiences navigating financial challenges, he pursued an education at the University of Texas, earning a degree in Classics, and later graduating magna cum laude from Texas Tech University with a Masters in Personal Financial Planning. Mr. Prus further enriched his knowledge by obtaining a Juris Doctorate from Texas Tech School of Law, with a focus on estate planning.

Throughout his academic journey, Mr. Prus gained practical experience as a law clerk for multiple law firms specializing in estate planning and financial planning. He began his career in South West Florida, collaborating with a boutique financial planning firm before realizing his dream of opening his own practice.

Mr. Prus is known for his commitment to integrity and security in serving his clients. He takes pride in building lasting relationships by understanding their unique financial needs and offering tailored solutions.

In his free time, Mr. Prus enjoys spending time with his dog Louie, sailing, golfing, and playing competitive volleyball and pickleball. He is an active member of the Naples Lion Club, an officer in the Son’s of the American Legion, and a volunteer at the Guardians of Florida Animal Shelter. He cherishes the annual summer trips to his family cabin in Maine, where he enjoys playing chess with loved ones.


Texas Tech University – Masters in Personal Financial Planning

Texas Tech School of Law – Juris Doctorate

University of Texas at Austin – Bachelor of Arts – Classics

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small”

― Sun Tzu

Hajayra Torres

Shared Secretary

Allow us to introduce Hajayra, our devoted front desk associate at our K Prus Advisory office space. Tasked with the responsibility of office navigation and client facilitation, Hajayra efficiently guides our clients through our office spaces and escorts them to their scheduled financial planning and estate planning consultations.

Hajayra embodies our commitment to providing superior fiduciary service, as she often represents the first point of interaction for our clientele and visitors. Her warm demeanor and professional attitude stand as a testament to our firm’s dedication to client satisfaction and trust.

Beyond the office, Hajayra leads a dynamic life that resonates with the core values of our firm. She is an ardent gym-goer, symbolizing her commitment to long-term planning and disciplined investment in health, mirroring our firm’s focus on comprehensive financial planning and fiscal health. Her hobby of thrifting demonstrates her talent for recognizing undervalued assets, an aptitude crucial to successful financial management. Also, her enjoyment in socializing mirrors our emphasis on building strong client relationships and understanding unique individual needs for personalized estate planning strategies.

In every aspect of her role, Hajayra brings to the table her dedication, ability to recognize value, and strong relationship-building skills. These key attributes not only enhance her role as our shared secretary but also resonate with our firm’s focus on comprehensive financial planning, fiduciary duty, estate planning, asset management, and client trust. Hajayra is indeed an integral part of our team, enriching our client experience with her dedication and professionalism.


South Fort Myers High School