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“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.”

― Alan Lakein

Konrad Prus, J.D., M.S.

Believe or not, I wanted to be an advisor from the age of five. Literally my job title is in my name, which means brave advisor in Old-German!

At five, anytime I would find a quarter on the street, a dollar extra from lunch not spent, or extra birthday money, I would put away in my “Treasure Trove” a Cuban cigar box my dad gave to me.

One day early in the morning, my dad, a respected anesthesiologist, came in my room and said: “Good morning son, (he formally said), I’m headed to the grocery store, and I don’t want to stop by the ATM. Will you give me a twenty from your Treasure Trove?”

When my father asked for a twenty from my Treasure Trove, my heart glowed!

Here’s the man that put the roof over my head, food on our table, and took care of our every need, and I was able to help him.

The day after, my father came back to me, and you would not believe what happened! He took out a twenty and slowly pealed out an extra ten.

He said: “Son, this is interest!”

My eyes turned wide as saucers because to me this was an extra million dollars. From that day on, even though I did not know how, I knew I wanted to be a money man, and serve those that I care and love around me.

As soon as I got that ten, I was hooked! I wanted with all my heart to be a money man. I devour all things money. I took classes, talked with my father’s advisor, and continued to save. Now I am blessed because I take that great feeling when I helped my dad, and I serve my clients. I plan and put into action your dream life and retirement with my proprietary wholistic method.

I am forever grateful to my dad for this lesson and for giving me a lifelong calling.

Professional Background:

Konrad Prus is the founder of K Prus Advisory, LLC and has over a decade of education and experience in the financial and estate planning industry.

After graduating from University of Texas with a degree in Classics, Konrad graduated from Texas Tech University with his Masters in Personal Financial Planning with magna cum laude honors. He also graduated from Texas Tech School of Law and attained his Juris Doctorate, focusing in estate planning. During his education, he was a law clerk with many law firms throughout Texas specializing in estate planning, which also provided financial planning as well.

Konrad began his career in South West Florida working with a boutique financial planning firm in the Bonita Springs area. Afterwards, he happily opened his own firm, and began servicing his clients with integrity and security.

In his free time, Konrad enjoys taking his dog Louie to the park, sailing and golfing, as well as playing competitive volleyball and pickleball. Also, each winter he joins his family on a skiing trip, and playing chess with his father.


Texas Tech University – Masters in Personal Financial Planning

Texas Tech School of Law – Juris Doctorate

University of Texas at Austin – Bachelor of Arts – Classics

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small”

― Sun Tzu

Zannos Grekos

Executive Assistant

Zannos is our newest member of K Prus Advisory. Born and raised in Naples, he graduated from the Community School of Naples and now studies both Economics and Business Administration at the University of North Carolina. Using his versatile competency and winning optimism, Zannos takes on a variety of essential office challenges. He is also preparing to apply to top law schools following in Mr. Prus’ example.

When not working or studying, Zannos can be found playing volleyball, pickleball, or collegiate cheerleading. He also has a passion for philosophy and politics, so if you’re craving a thought provoking discussion, look no further!