What We Do

K Prus Advisory is committed to serving our local community through outreach and educational initiatives aimed at enhancing financial and legal knowledge. We offer valuable workshops and webinars in Southwest Florida to address key concerns faced by retirees as they pursue their dream retirement.

Retirees, young professionals and business owners today may encounter several challenges, including:

  • Long-term care, chronic and critical illness
  • Protecting income during retirement
  • The risk of outliving their assets or income
  • Rising healthcare costs
  • Leaving a lasting legacy
  • Safeguarding their property and personal well-being

Areas of Expertise

Our webinars and seminars cover a wide range of topics, addressing these challenges and providing insights on crucial issues such as:

  • Estate Planning – Understanding the basics of supporting your heirs, safeguarding your estate, and caring for your loved ones
  • Financial Planning Achieving success through preparedness and seizing opportunities   
  • Business Formation – Building a solid foundation for your business
  • Long-Term Care – Mitigating the emotional, physical, and financial impact on your loved ones
  • Medicare – Selecting a customized medical plan to cover potentially overwhelming costs

Trustworthy Information Source

In today’s world, finding reliable sources of information can be challenging. Our primary goal is to serve as a trusted resource for the community. Connect with us on our business Facebook page and visit our website for regular webinar updates and industry insights. We aim to provide actionable advice, tools, and strategies to address the issues faced by seniors.

K Prus Advisory, L.L.C.

We strive to offer an extensive range of webinars covering legal, financial, and health topics, promoting increased awareness and education for seniors in our community. By fulfilling our mission, we hope to build lasting relationships and become the go-to planning resource for our community members. Join us today and empower yourself with the knowledge to secure a comfortable and fulfilling retirement.

What People Say

Konrad is a dependable, truthful, and well educated financial planner. He is friendly and all around a great businessman, I am so happy to be his client.

Mary Ellen E.

To whom it may concern, It is been my pleasure to work with Konrad Prus for the last few months. I can say that his knowledge, patience, professionalism and attention to detail have proven invaluable to me and to my wife. In addition, he has built a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals that can be truly relied upon to assist him with all matters in estate planning. I have placed myself into his complete trust with absolutely no regrets or misgivings and I would very confidently refer him to any prospect who is looking for a completely competent and trust-worthy advisor.

Steven O.

Konrad Prus has been extremely helpful in changing my Medicare to Medicare Advantage where I have less payout and more benefits including many of my prescriptions are now free. Initially I was a bit skeptical, but through Konrad’s patience, he helped me through the process. He has also helped me change my retirement portfolio to a more secure one with better benefits in the coming years. I would certainly recommend Konrad to others.

Pegi S.